Poppies at the Tower Of London

We had been promising ourselves a day in London to see the poppies at the Tower of London and yesterday was the day. Our luck was in as the day was bright and sunny without being too warm.

We had seen the pictures in the newspapers but they do not compare to the real thing, it is just stunning.

The installation is called Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red, marking the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War. Click here to read the full article and to leave a comment

Devon at its best

Just a few pictures from my week away in Devon, more to come during the week.

For anyone wanting a relaxing week in the Autumn or Winter away from the hustle and bustle take a look at www.odlefarm.co.uk

All of the posts I will put up this week are all within easy reach of Odle Farm, and for those of you liking my quilting website www.alittlebitofnice.com you never know one day I may teach quilting at this farm! Its just a thought at the moment, but who knows where thoughts may lead.

A beautiful walk straight from Odle Farm’s door


Odle Farms chickens


I never go anywhere without a pumpkin at this time of year, they are such a beautiful colour.


The fabulous view from my cottage at Odle Farm


So nice to see the seasons changing from your doorstep


The cows wear their hearts on their legs!


The fantastic Otter Valley ice cream stand just down the road from Odle Farm, Seabuckthorn flavour was my favourite, my husbands was Rice pudding and jam.


A trip out with friends to visit Cowslip Workshops, the amazing quilt shop which is just over an hour away.


I’ve been waiting for this shed to fall apart for years, I am wanting the coloured iron as a backdrop for photographs.


Cows come first in Devon


Lovely walks in the countryside, even if it is a tad hilly!IMG_2009

Looking down from Odle Farm into the village of Rawridge.


Beautiful coastline is a short drive away


Heaven in Devon as they say.

Devon at its best.


Autumn is definitely on its way!

The cake is made.


The first pumpkin has been bought

_MG_8744I look forward to an ever growing collection of all things Autumn related.

Back to School

Today lots of children will go back to school.

My Sons finished school a long time ago, but everyday they learn something new.

To be honest all three of us struggled with the school system in one way or another, we are all very artistic and sometimes school didn’t allow for this. Click here to read the full article and to leave a comment

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