A small project

I have a small project on the go, its nice to see old traditions with not a piece of foam in sight!

This is the before shots

photo 1

Once I start to take it apart it all looks like great stuff for a birds nest.

photo 3

photo 4

photo 2

photo 5

Now there is the small matter of a bit more material removing and cleaning the old girl up, then putting it all back with the same quality materials and making it look a bit like this.

359c361f9bff11763ba419b445606963So its grain sack hunting I will go. I will keep you updated, I might be a while!



A walk around Bosham Harbour on a sunny and cold winters afternoon produced a few good finds. I was hoping for more beautiful sunsets, but it turned out that it was shades of blue that was waiting to be captured.

I love the inky blue water, and the ripples sent out by the swan.




_MG_0700 2


The setting sun nicely highlighted the metal chain.


Lots of lovely weathered shades of blue and rust on this old boat


This boat almost looks like it has an ice frosting on the side.


More shades of blue, white and brown, with a touch of fading sun.


I love the simplicity of this old boat shed.



And at last the setting sun sending out it orange hues, leaving behind the blues captured just minutes before.


Winchester in the winter sunshine

You can always rely on Winchester for some beautiful doors and wreaths, plus a few surprises in the winter sunshine.

My favourite thing to do is just wander around all the side streets with a camera in hand and no particular schedule, you meet interesting people, and places.









My favourite secret door in Winchester, it reminds me of the secret garden


Santa has added Space to his list of drop offs


Beautiful tree shadows and my favourite moss.



I’m always amazed by the old buildings in Winchester



This guy sells the most amazing bread for all occasions.


I never tire of Winchester, there is always something new to discover, I visited a lot when my son lived there. Now it is just the occasional treat.

A cold and frosty morning

Most mornings I go for a walk really early, it wakes me up and I like the time to myself. Some mornings are better than others, today’s was beautiful due to a really heavy frost, and a large dose of sunshine.

















Today because it was frosty with beautiful clear blue skies, we headed off to Slindon in West Sussex. It is known for its pumpkin displays which I shall blog about later.

It is on National Trust land and has some spectacular walks, so is well worth a visit at any time of the year.












There are lots of beautiful houses dotted around the village


I loved this angel in the churchyard, If I like a place we visit it always seems to have an angel somewhere.




I found this odd but nice, house type gravestone.



Some fantastic kneelers in the church, which was very pretty and also worth a visit.




There are lots of interesting bits of history in Slindon, including the village sign.


The Famous poet and writer Hilaire Beloc, who wrote the poem ‘Matilda’ Matilda who told such dreadful lies, she made one gasp and stretch ones eyes! Look it up if you don’t know it.


Slindon, not far from Chichester  and Arundel, if you don’t live close enough to visit then I strongly recommend a holiday in the area. 

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