Autumn has arrived.

I adore autumn and all the shapes and colours of pumpkins and gourds, almost as much as getting out all my cosy quilts and cushions and spicy candles. Bring on the good weekend TV and cosy evenings.

Autumn has most definitely arrived.

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Clifton revisited

Today was spent on a whistle stop tour to see my youngest son before he goes off to India, and to deliver a commissioned baby quilt, more about the quilt later.

He has just moved to Clifton/Bristol and I have been pleasantly impressed with the area, our first visit coincided with the Balloon festival, this time was to see their second new apartment.

We arrived just in time for breakfast, Tom takes after his dad and is a great cook rustling up tasty treats in minutes. Smoked salmon, scrambled eggs and avocado on sourdough from a great local bakers was on the menu this morning.



I love the apartments in Clifton, they are beautiful on the outside and light and airy on the inside.


The area also has its fair share of  independent shops and cafes with lots of quirky places to discover.




We can’t all get together now until the end of November but I’m sure I will return to discover more nice things.

All photographs were taken by Ray Barclay.

Running, who’d have thought.

I am not a very big person, especially in height, and for a long time have weighed 8.5 stone. However something weird has happened this last few years, I guess it’s age!

I have always been active and these last few years has been no different, but I have ended up being 10 stone plus on a bad day.  I decided this cannot go on as I felt terrible, so I went back to my hours long exercise video and it has helped.

However nine weeks ago my husband suggested we go running, he has run marathons in the past but now prefers a jog on a daily basis. this has been hampered by a knee problem that has stopped him from even doing that.

So we started the Couch to 5k that has been suggested to people by the NHS in a bid to get people fit, which is a gentle way to get you used to running.

I am amazed that after nine weeks I can now run for thirty minutes every other day and hold a conversation (much to my husbands disgust) he likes to drift off whilst running so I will have to start plugging myself into my ipod.

Joking apart, I have him to thank for this as I couldn’t have done it on my own. I don’t always find it easy but I am secretly pleased with myself, and hopefully one day I will not be 10 stone! Ill keep you posted.

Excuse the weird look on my face but running is still a challenge and I had just come back.

If you are interested in the challenge click here to find out more.


There’s nothing like a good auction

I do love a good auction, there is the casual looking around at the auction preview, rummaging for something special, then the thrill of the auction itself.

Some times there are great bargains, sometimes things just slip away out of your price range, that’s when hands have to be kept firmly in pockets!

I was very glad that I was not at the auction for a set of Camberwick Green figures, I couldn’t have trusted myself to keep bidding. However I was at the preview and my bid went straight in. Obviously I am not the only one that remembers watching Camberwick Green with great fondness as a child, as my bid was somewhat laughable.

Not to be dettered, I now have my own small collection from other sources, I’m not quite finished yet as I have my favourites.

You have to have the full set of ‘Pugh Pugh Barney McGrew, Cuthbert Dibble and Grubb’ of course, and no set would be complete without six soldiers to, ‘ride along on an army truck on a rumpity bumpity army truck’ now would it?

Can you name them all?_MG_4402

Windy Miller_MG_4405

Pugh, Pugh, Captain Flack and Grubb_MG_4407

Captain Snort, Major Grout and a soldier_MG_4410

Mrs Lovelace and Mrs Honeyman


Chippy Minton and Nibs
I’ve just remembered Mr Mannings the printer which I must add to my list, oh and a gardener and…..

Click on this link to be reminded just how simple life was.

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