Happy Halloween from the UK

Happy Halloween from back in the UK, whatever time of day it is zzzzzzzzz

It took me a while to get this one.


Head over heals in love.

Found on a door step in Boston and photographed by Ray Barclay.

10 more of the best from Beacon Hill Boston

As promised here is ten more of the best from Beacon Hill Boston.

I think Halloween may be a little crazy in Boston. As we left the city to come home they were queuing out of the party store and down the block, with security guarding the doors!

We have experienced Halloween in Vermont before, which was good fun, quite spectacular, and was all wrapped up by 8pm with the state police joining in the festivities as well.

I’m not so sure about Boston though!

Anyway back to the next ten best.

Another one of my photographs that looks like a painting but was on a black doorstep.


The lovely florist on Beacon hill where I’m sure a lot of wreaths and window boxes come from.


Even Frank looks quite elegant!


Just because I like them and they were on a doorstep.


Small is sometimes best.


Because it was parked on Beacon hill and it’s black and has leaves on it and I would like one please.




Scary cat!


So many beautiful wreaths adorn the equally beautiful doors.


And beautiful  window boxes adorn the equally beautiful windows.


Lastly here is a bit of history about some of the windows in Beacon Hill



Happy Halloween

10 of the best from Beacon Hill Halloween

As promised yesterday, here is ten of the best from Beacon hill.

For all you camper van owners

I love Indian corn and yes that’s me  taking the picture


This mummy was truly impressive stood outside the most amazing looking house.


Mummified butterflies with rooks looking on, very spooky


A huge display of scary creatures on the grass area of Bacon Hill, the teeth moved up and down on the cat, one little dog that passed by was growling away at them, I suspect if it wasn’t fenced off thy would have been severely punctured!


A display of gourds outside of the florist in Beacon Hill


I am so impressed with myself for taking this picture, it’s not a painting but a pumpkin on a dark step outside of one of the Brownstones. Not sure how I achieved it but I love it.


The fully functional spooky looking Beacon Hill Post Office, it makes you want to post a letter!


The most gorgeous dog who lives on the famous Acorn Street of Beacon hill, with his own selection of pumpkins.


And lastly my favourite type of pumpkin, the gnarlier the better!


Another ten coming up tomorrow

Happy Halloween from Beacon Hill

We spent a few hours today walking around the Beautiful Historic Beacon Hill part of Boston, the area is full of brownstone houses which celebrate Halloween with vigour and style.

Nothing ever gets stolen or moved and most things are out for a week before Halloween, I have so many pictures that I thought you would like to see, so I’ve included all the ones I took today.

They are only snap shots and because of the amount you can’t click on them to make them bigger, but for the next two days I will choose a handful to show you individually.

This part of my New England holiday is always one of my favourites as the area is so beautiful, its so easy to imagine it 100’s of years ago as you stroll around the old streets.

Some of the pictures are not overly Halloween related but I’ve included them because they either look spooky or they just seem to fit the mood, like the lovely red shoes.

Dog’s play a big part all over New England and they definitely don’t miss out as far as Halloween is concerned, so I’ve included a few we have seen today.

For all my English viewers that have never experienced a New England Halloween it is a civilised affair with all ages joining in and having a bit of fun, and of course a fright or two with candy heaven thrown in for good measure.

Happy Halloween from Beacon Hill, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Fall foliage at its very best

I can honestly say that the Fall foliage in New England has been the best we have ever seen, we have been told by locals that it has been exceptional. It’s the sort of sight that makes the hairs on the back of you neck stand on end its that stunning. We are very privileged to have seen it and to have followed the colours around three New England states just at the right time.

Just Boston foliage to add to the gallery below, and a whole load of pumpkins!

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