Bicycle bells at the Hannah Peschar Sculpture garden

This saturday was a catch up day with my two sons and Rosie, Tom’s girlfriend.

We decided to go to the Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden in the Surrey Hills district. I have been before a few times and just love it.

I am going to share with you one thing from it every day this coming week, I don’t want to overload you with everything in one go. So here is an excerpt from this stunning Bicycle Bells installation from the Hannah Peschar web site. Click here to read the full article and to leave a comment


Hi, it’s been a long time since I blogged, I don’t really know why, the time just seems to disappear.

Maybe it’s the long evenings when you try to get as much done as possible, or you just sit in your garden enjoying the summer.

I’ve done lots, so all new blogs coming up. I am also starting a new blog page connected to my quilt website, these blogs will be all things quilt related so be sure to drop by.

I find August a funny month, we don’t usually go away as its too busy and we don’t have small children, so although I like August, I kind of always look forward to September. September for me is cooler day’s wth hopefully blue sky’s, autumn leaves, pumpkins, and a long awaited holiday.

Talking of holiday’s and before I end this blog I am delighted to show you Lower Margate’s new video. I have been lucky enough to stay there, and am returning in January when hopefully I will get snowed in, and wont be able to return for a month! I must remember to take my sewing machine, a huge stack of material, plenty of food, my husband, and my laptop!

Looking forward to more frequent blogs, enjoy the video.


Happy Sunday

Found upon entering the lounge this morning.

My husband is a simple soul, little things make him smile!

Happy sunday everyone.


A little bit of nice

       Here is my quilt web site ‘A little bit of nice’. It is a place to shop for quilts and a few other bits and pieces, and is also home of my memory quilt service.

I will be adding to the website from now on, and also have blogs that are quilt and a little bit of nice related.

I hope you like it.

Click on the link below to go to the web site.




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