I’m having a blast of the past!

I used to be a school librarian, I wasn’t so keen on the boring stuff like terrorising small children for overdue books, but the books and inviting weird and wonderful authors and Illustrator’s in to the school, now that I liked. The weirder the better! which brings me neatly to my favourite of all time, Korky Paul of Winnie the Witch Fame. He stayed at our house and my kids loved him He had a heated discussion with my 8 year old son at the time, about being a vegetarian and how to make use of your unicycle! He new he could take the fight he gave him, they enjoyed each others company, it was good for my  son! He bought the best out in my eldest son who was then 10, he was kind and encouraging, he improved his confidence. He left me a fantastic miniature Winnie the Witch book, which is fondly called “My Minnie Winnie”.

The other pile of books are a few of my favourites at the moment.

From the top:

I’ve also been listening to some old music of mine, firstly  James Taylor ,  a dvd  or cd well worth buying is James Taylor’s One man band, check out one of the song’s Sweet baby James. He is so lovely and has very good taste in his choice of place to live, the Berkshires New England.

Carly Simon, very very loud in the car is best, excellent. Try this and this to start with, no laughing at the clothes, it was a while back!  I love her and think she an amazing voice and an interesting face.

I’ve had busy work day’s this week, so sorry for not blogging yesterday, I fell asleep instead!

I’ve exercised the past few day’s, it hasn’t been easy!


  1. Ali

    ….love James Taylor too….so easy to listen to.
    What’s that cookery book in your photo….Bourke Street Bakery ?…not heard of that ?……and i remember you as librarian…and a brilliant one you were too !!….made it fun and interesting for the kiddies to visit the library !

    • Karen

      Hi Ali,
      Click on the title of the book in the book list, it will take you to the Amazon web site, lots of reviews and you can look inside the book. Also go to http://www.bourkestreetbakery.com.au/ to see the bakery in sydney Australia. Lot’s of nice things to bake!
      The dvd of James Taylor is a must but i think i may have mentioned that before.

  2. Rosie

    I remember winnie the witch! Love the illustrations. The bakery in Australia looks incredible, shame its so far away…maybe one day :)

  3. julie

    Hens dancing is a fantastic book I have read all of Rafaella Barkers books love them. You were a great librarian the kids loved coming in there I still remember dressing up as Goldilocks for fairytale book week sad but true!

    • Karen

      Be careful what you say Julie I still have the goldilocks picture!

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